Spring Showcase Writer #2: Anastasia Kousakis



Anastasia’s script for “The Day After the Day After You Were Born” sneaked up on us. For the first few pages, we read it as a solid scene between two disparate people, but we were soon mistaken. With a nuanced approach that hints at an almost science-fiction construction and a focus on two humans thrust together in a tense moment, the story was elevated to a gorgeous reflection on personhood, motherhood, and the future. And did we mention humor? We’re very excited about this piece, which will star Katie Wharton, Nick Rapp, and Rasheda Den’e, directed by the talented Leah Anova.

1. What are the top 3 movies/plays that have inspired you? 

Nowadays I’m more inspired by TV. But, full disclosure, I’ve seen SwingersOffice Space, and Clueless more times than I can count. Shout-outs to Scenes from a Marriage, a handful of Cassavetes filmsand Stephen Belber’s play Tape. I have mixed feelings about watching it now, but it’s hard not to acknowledge the impact of Manhattan, which I’ve also seen countless times.

2. Did you go to film school? What led you to being a writer?

I never went to film school; but I grew up in Los Angeles and Vancouver, and started working in TV in high school. I didn’t start writing seriously until I got to college and took my first fiction workshop. Short stories were my focus for most of college and my early adulthood. I’ve written all kinds of stuff since then, but spend most of my time writing for TV these days–or writing anything but TV when I’m avoiding a new pilot like I’m doing right this very moment.

3. Why do you personally want to collaborate with other women through One Axe?

At work—and, I suspect, other places—people like me are often referred to as “female writers.” The more we do stuff like this, the closer we are to everyone dropping that “female” part.

4. “Where are you going, where have you been?”

Wherever there’s ice cream.


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