Spring Showcase Writer #3: LaShea Delaney



We first heard about LaShea a couple of years ago, when her “B*tches in Bookshops” video went viral. NPR even coined a new generation of intellectuals after her video—”bookish Millennials.” We didn’t even know this was the same LaShea from the video when we accepted her piece “Bet and Flo” for the Spring Showcase. What we knew is that LaShea did what most writers did not when submitting: included +40 female characters. And these characters had sensitivity and humor, which we’re always looking for. You might even say that “Bet and Flo” is lighthearted romp through elderly sex and dating in Florida, which we are very excited about, especially under the direction of Ashley Nicole Black.

1. What are the top 3 movies/plays that have inspired you?

a. Far Away- Caryle Churchill
b. Adventures in Babysitting
c. Tragedy: a tragedy- Will Eno
2. Did you go to film school? What led you to being a writer/director?
As a kid I would watch episodes of the X-Files and try and write my own.
3. Why do you personally want to collaborate with other women through One Axe?
I love collaborative work. I’ve found that nothing is more exciting to me than having a good idea and making it great through working with smart, creative, funny women.
4. “Where are you going, where have you been?”
Not sure but I have and will arrive in a Lyft.

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