CreatorUp IGNITE Scholarship!

Writer/director and One Axe alum Katherine Vondy has been so kind as to secure an opportunity for one deserving One Axe member to attend free of charge the next CreatorUp IGNITE event, a weekend-long series of workshops, pitching, and networking, cofounded by Mike Tringe. There are 2 tracks: Digital Creation or Virtual Reality. Both are equally intriguing, but you’ll have to choose one.
We are SO EXCITED to extend this opportunity to our network, but we also need you to reply right away, as the event is coming up very soon (APRIL 30/MAY 1)—please make sure you’re available that weekend before applying and read the application instructions carefully. And send in your application by this Thursday, April 21st, by 12 noon.
To apply, please email, with the subject line “CreatorUp Scholarship,” with the following information in the body of your email (no attachments, please).
1. Bio (250 words max)
2. Describe the project you’re working on that would benefit from CreatorUp. You’ll be entering either the Digital Creator or Virtual Reality tracks—your choice—so we’ll be looking for someone who is passionate about either web content or VR. (500 words max)
3. Tell us what you hope to gain from attending. (250 words max)
4. Your complete contact info.

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