Spring Showcase Director #5: Meera Menon



We were thrilled when we got an email from Meera Menon, saying she was interested in directing a piece for the first One Axe showcase. We’d already heard of her feature, Farah Goes Bang, which garnered raving reviews at Tribeca and also earned her the inaugural Nora Ephron Prize. She told us she was interested in stories of politics or coming of age, things that crossed from drama to comedy. And then a magical thing happened, because we’d read some essays from Wendy C. Ortiz’s memoirs and thought, “Wouldn’t those work as a script?” Turns out, they did. Wendy adapted her work, and Meera stepped in to assist with development, and the result is a short sensorial experience of a heartbreaking memory, brought to life by actress Cristina Fernandez. Here’s some tidbits of info from Menon herself.

1. What are the top 3 movies/plays that have inspired you?

– Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (film)

– Ratcatcher (film)

– The Pillowman (play)

2. Did you go to film school? What led you to being a writer/director?

Yes I did go to film school! I have always loved movies and stories and think I wanted to be in on the action in some form from very early in my life, writing plays in my basement with my next door neighbor, etc.

3. Why do you personally want to collaborate with other women through One Axe?

I think I’ve always sought out other women to work with, because I do believe there is a shared language there. Generally centered around birthing metaphors and cycle syncing.

4. “Where are you going, where have you been?”

I’m going to dinner. I’ve been to lunch.